We work with some of the world’s largest suppliers of CRM applications and help our customers choose the appropriate CRM system more quickly, based on the company’s specific requirements. We shorten a process that has traditionally been seen as time-consuming and make it more efficient.



The services offered by Sirocco cover everything from requirements analysis and process mapping, to implementation and support. For Sirocco it is important that our customers derive maximum benefit from their investment and feel at ease once a project has been completed.



One of the cornerstones of Sirocco’s business is to be an independent CRM partner, not linked to any one supplier.
In order to be able to offer you a supplier-independent CRM strategy, Sirocco has partnerships with several of the market-leading CRM system suppliers. This guarantees that we can offer licence management at favourable licence prices regardless of which system you choose.



Catella Corporate Finance was founded in Sweden 1987, and are today active in 12 countries with 500 employees. Catella is a leading European corporate finance advisor who provide a wide range of services and property expertise, as well as financial expertise with a focus on transaction advisory services in the professional property and financial markets.

Sirocco and Catella's cooperation started with a pre-study that proceeded into a CRM implementation. This pre-study, and its implementation, involved the whole Catella concern, starting the implementation phase in Sweden. Evaluations regarding Catella's business processes was conducted during the project in purpose to create a clear and efficient process within the CRM system. Updates were crafted in alignment with Catella's preferred working methods. Sirocco enabled Catella to shape a solution regarding project tracking and investment planning.



Alpine Electronics is a Japanese electronics company that develops and manufactures multi-media devices. Since Alpine was founded in 1967, their products have delivered rich, deep, and satisfying sounds to motor vehicle cabins. The products have won the support and trust of drivers and automobile manufacturers all around the world. Confronted by major transformations in both market environment and product development, Alpine has moved quickly in order to keep up with the rapid changes. Not only are they working to create vehicle cabin environments that make driving a greater pleasure, they also contribute to a safer and more secure mobile society. Their mission is to be, in every sense, the “Mobile Media Innovation” company.

Sirocco and Alpine’s collaboration started with an evaluation of the business needs and solutions, such as processes and practices. Furthermore, we created workshops and conducted interviews with selected individuals within the management team. As a result, we began implementing a CRM system for the Customer Service users that maintains the integrations with their current CRM system, exporting data from the existing CRM system to the new one.



Dafo Brand is a Swedish family business that started in 1919. Since the start, Dafo Brand has developed into a modern, high-tech company and is now the largest Nordic supplier of fire safety and fire equipment. They are offering the very best solutions for every customer, and work extensively with a competitive network of partners all over the world.

Dafo Brands expansion required them to focus on proactive sales, by cooperating with Sirocco the professional expertise was ensured to manage the challenge of increasing customer needs. Sirocco performed a pre-study and implementation of CRM systems, covering the need to overview sales and an overall engagement image focusing on the customers. Interviews within all sales functions were conducted, and implemented early in the project. Competence and ID management was also a part of the project, a connection from CRM to Card Pro was established to facilitate the making of identifications in the sales process.



With its 22,000 staff, Samhall is a major player in the Swedish market for staffing within logistics, cleaning services, services for the elderly and production, etc. Samhall’s story began in 1980 when businesses involved in sheltered employment across the whole of Sweden were gathered together under one foundation. At that time it was known as Stiftelsen Samhällsföretagen. In 1992, the foundation was reorganised as a group of companies with Samhall AB as the parent company and regional subsidiaries dotted around the country. In 2002, the reorganisation of the business continued when the group was restructured as one single company under the name Samhall AB.

Sirocco has been cooperating with Samhall on their CRM project.
Our cooperation began with an overview of the processes and procedures that were already in place, an in-depth analysis of the needs and requirements that the company had for its CRM strategy, and the expectations they held in relation to future processes and the CRM system in general. The preparatory work comprised everything from project management, business and process development, evaluations of systems and purchasing of technical implementation of the platform and Samhall-specific adaptations of the software in order to meet the company’s demands and requirements of the system.

Sirocco has also provided training for both users and administrative personnel. In addition, we also assisted with migrations from previous systems, follow-up of data quality and data care, integration development with other systems and development of reports for all levels within the organisation.



Relacom is a Scandinavian installation- and service company within telecom industry. Relacom is leading the way in the industry and has been involved in over 40 outsourcing projects in 17 countries regarding services to businesses, private households and organizations. The essential competitive factor is to maximize return on assets, which requires continuous updating and maintenance to meet increasing market demands. Customer satisfaction is more critical than ever and has become one of the most important success factors to Relacom.

Relacom and Siroccos cooperation started with creating a solution to Relacom’s need to unify their sales processes. The company’s 75 salespersons were situated in 4 individual sales areas, without any specific follow-up structure of the sales processes, the challenge was thereby to unite the various departments. The focus in the Relacom cooperation was to solve the right problem, not just delivering software or a process improvement but rather a holistic solution to the issues at hand. Sirocco created a solution regarding processes and strategy for CRM issues that enabled the business to measure all the sales numbers as one unit.


Stockholm Business Region

Stockholm Business Region works with enabling Stockholm to offer the best possible conditions for existing companies to grow and for new companies to establish operations in Stockholm. The group is also developing and marketing Stockholm as a business and tourist destination. Stockholm Business Region is owned by the City of Stockholm.

The challenge has been to initially identify different critical areas of improvement within the group’s various spheres of interest and develop a joint strategy for CRM issues. And to subsequently try and create a forum to identify the CRM vision as well as an action plan to achieve it.



When establishing Dustin in 1984, founders Bo and Ulla Lundevall built the company from scratch in a, needless to say, unconventional place. Located in a zoo-store in the outskirts of Stockholm, their main business idea was to sell colorful floppy disks via mail order, which proved to be very successful. Over the years, Dustin expanded and is today one of the leading distributors of IT-products with their core in online sales within the Nordic countries. Dustin operates as a bridge between the manufacturers wide-ranging products and the needs of their customer. Dustin’s role is to offer expertise to their customers in order to find the perfect solution to their problem.

Sirocco and Dustin’s collaboration started in 2015 when the company needed assistance with upgrades. During this year, we provided Dustin with support in upgrading their CRM system from their current version to the most recent one.



Fortum’s vision is to be the forerunner in clean energy. They provide their customers with electricity, heat and cooling as well as other energy solutions that improve present and future life. Their main markets are the Nordic and the Baltic countries, Russia, Poland and India. They are constantly looking for innovative ways to reduce their environmental footprint, and one of their missions is to be part of building a sustainable future.

Sirocco’s collaboration with Fortum began with updating and creating a more seamless sales process in their current CRM system. Fortum had the vision to implement a system that offered support for their existing Connection process; covering the sales, construction, and commissioning phases. Since sales was a vital part of Fortum’s Connection process, we merged the new system together with the existing one, as it would bring their CRM to its fullest potential.


Ajman University

Ajman University of Science and Technology (AUST) offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate programs that satisfy the needs of students and employers in relation to the knowledge-based economy through the combination of theoretical knowledge and practical skills.  
The University is committed to producing globally competitive graduates who are equipped with the highest sense of professionalism and social responsibility by continually enhancing the quality of its core functions: teaching, research, training, expertise and practice, all exercised in an innovative environment. 
Sirocco has assisted AUST in implementing a Student Lifecycle Solution, giving them the tools to follow the student journey from prospective student all the way through to alumni. Implementing CRM has enabled the university to interact with their students in a more relevant way, using the channels of their choice and also given AUST the tools to market themselves more accurately which, in turn, allows the university to grow.



Scania is a global company with sales and service organizations located in more than 100 countries, and has been operating successfully for over 125 years. Besides sales and services, Scania offers financial services in various markets. Scania's production units are located in Europe, South America and Asia. With customer profitability as the starting point, Scania wants to be the leading provider of sustainable transport. Knowledge of the customer’s needs and requirements ensures that Scania's products and services meet the highest demands. Deviations from targets and standards are used as a valuable source of continuous improvement, every opportunity to eliminate waste and inefficiencies is seized.

In Sirocco and Scania's cooperation the main focus was to handle the configuration of an international CRM-implementation, starting in Western Europe, Eastern Europe, Asia and Australia. The mission was to compile requirement from various markets and develop a solution satisfying their varied needs in each market. Sirocco's focus was on upgrading CRM software and implementation in new markets globally, regarding the certain requirements in different markets. Further focus points are design and development in terms of producing a mobile CRM solution.


Landshypotek Bank

When founded in 1836, Landshypotek’s core task was to provide financing and financial services to farmers and foresters in Sweden. This core task is just as current now as it was in 1836. In 2013, the company spread their wings and expanded by creating a distinct niched bank whose main focus is Sweden’s agriculture and forestry. Landshypotek Bank is also the perfect solution for non-corporate customers who want to open a savings account.

Sirocco´s cooperation with Landshypotek Bank began with identifying the current situation and what steps to take in order to improve the needs and requirements the company had for its CRM strategy. One of the main focus points was to help Landshypotek Bank go from a solely business-to-business cooperation to a bank that offers financial services to both businesses and private individuals. We worked as a strategist as well as an executor in order to create a vision for a roadmap and align the deliveries accordingly.



Egmont is a leading media group in the Nordic region covering films, education materials, magazines, books and a range of digital communities. Egmont is well positioned in the domestic markets, as well as specific markets outside of Scandinavia. The history of Egmont started in a modest little apartment in Copenhagen 1878, and has now evolved into a company with activities in 30 countries and 6600 employees, producing high-quality content and digital innovation.

Siroccos main focus was to implement a software system within the mobile sales area. The challenge was to enable Egmont's sales department to send orders from the field without making a stop at the office. The solution was to use a device with the ability to scan a product and instantly get the price of the product the customer requested and then send it. Sirocco created an app for a scanner to establish a direct order logistic. Instantly after scanning the product a link was sent to the stockroom and the staff was able to pick up the product and send it to the customer. This implementation shortened a process that had been time-consuming and made it more efficient, which enabled the sales department to work closer to the customer.




Meet our newest member, Project Manager Stefan Ericsson!

18 April, 2016

Stefan Ericsson has spent over 20 years working as a Project Manager, backed with experience in both business development and the telecom industry. For the last 6 years, he’s been a consultant working with both smaller start-ups and implementations of large systems. Stefan is a true family man at heart, but often finds himself spending the majority of his free time cleaning up after his 10-month old puppy’s exciting adventures. We are happy to welcome Stefan as part of the Sirocco team!


Sirocco acquires a Pro - Welcome our newest member Katarina Elisson

04 May, 2015

Katarina is an experienced project manager with passion for CRM. She enjoys working both on a strategical and operational level. Katarina is a devoted golfer and enjoys spending time outdoors either running or on the mountainbike. She joined Sirocco earlier this year and her experience from both smaller and larger scale CRM implementations will be great contribution to the Sirocco team.


Sirocco making the news in the United Arab Emirates

09 September, 2015

We continue to make our presence noticable in the Middle East and now in this magazine article. Our new VP Middle East Niklas Wikström is interviewed:






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